Disaster Recovery & Hot Desking Facilities 

Keeping Your Business operational in the event of an emergency.



Office flooded Office fire damage


Undamaged office image

"And your insurance company may even pay the rent and removal costs"

Sadly many businesses are hit each year with disasters like an office fire or a flood and even a break in and offices vandalized. These problems can take a few days or a few months to put right and what happens to your business in the mean time?

Here at SAM Property Services Ltd we understand the impact and the issues this problem can cause a company. All of our office suites are maintained in a constant state of readiness, within 5 minutes we can have a suite fully operational with telephone lines, high speed broadband connectivity and all fully furnished.


If you are an existing business operating within the Hull area and lose the use of your existing office due to flood or fire or any other disaster we can have your company back up and running within the hour. No delays waiting for legal agreements, credit checks, telephone line installations, broadband connection installs.

We can even provide transport to help you move.

Lost your computers, monitors and printers, do you need some short term replacements, we may be able to provide you what you need.

Have your existing telephone numbers redirected to us, so your customers can still call on your own telephone numbers.

We can provide a high quality phone line (delivered over fibre optic lines).
No installation or setup charges,          
No telephone equipment costs,
No long term line rental agreement,
Monthly or weekly itemized billing

You can even automatically forward all the calls to your mobile if you are away from your replacement office for an hour or a day or a week.

Broadband Connectivity
We can instantly provide a High Speed SDSL Broadband connection (Same speed uploading as downloading).
No installation or setup charges,
No router or commercial firewall equipment costs,
No long term connection rental agreement, (minimum connection one day).

We Understand that when something like this hits you, your likely to be in a state of shock, our management team are experienced in this area and they can aid and direct you in all aspects of the relocation, accessing equipment replacements, helping with insurance issues and generally providing all the help you need to get things moving again quickly.

So contact us today. we are always available to help

Our business emergency line is open 07:00 until 22:00 every day of the week.

Telephone: 01482 488699

One call can solve all your short term relocation issues.

Space is rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, (Duration is as required). Pricing is subject to size and/or the number of offices required.

Please note: This emergancy cover service is always subject to availability of accommodation.